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Cultivating Community: The Beach Flats Garden Archive: September 7, 2018-September 2, 2019

New History Gallery Pod This exhibition takes a look at the history of the Beach Flats Community Garden, tracing a unique story of cultivation and community change. The garden, located in the Beach Flats, has for over twenty five years been an important space for youth education, food production, passing along agroecological practices, traditions, and […]

See, Be Seen: Community Portraits. May 4 – September 23 2018

A portrait captures so much more than just a likeness. A portrait is a conversation. A creative collaboration between the subject and the maker. A portrait can tell a story, reveal a truth, or pose a question. From drawing and painting to sound, video, or sculpture — portraits can help us see or be seen […]

We Feed You: Works by Victor Cartagena. April 4th — July 22nd 2018

Behind every salad is a story. From almonds and brussel sprouts to grapes and sugar beets, California produces and distributes nearly half of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables in the country. But who is responsible for all the work that goes into putting food on our tables? This exhibition explores the systemic injustice of food […]