Perform Music in Abbott Square

Share your music with hundreds of new fans in Abbott Square, the only free outdoor venue in Santa Cruz. We make it easy for you to do your thing. You’ll be taken care of by our in-house Music Coordinator who will handle all of your sound needs with a fully equipped PA system. That leaves it to you to play the best show ever.

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We’d love to hear your music, get to know you, and book you a show.
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Plug-and-Play Equipment

  • Allen & Heath ZED 12FX Mixing Board -- 12- channel in- 6 XLR in 10 1/4" L/M in /1 RCA in - 2XLR out
  • 2 powered Yamaha DXR 10 Main speakers, with speaker stands.
  • 2 powered Fender Audio Fighter 10" stage monitors
  • 5 boom mic stands
  • 2 SM57 Mics, 2 SM58 Mics, 2 dynamic Mics, 2 wireless Mics
  • 4 mini instrument mic stands
  • Many XLR cables up to 25 feet long
  • Supplemental 1/4in cables, all pretty short in length
  • 2 Direct Inboxes
  • Audio Input snake with 8 XLR inputs and 4 1/4in inputs
  • Power strips Stage Left, Upstage Center, & Stage Right
  • Many extension cords
  • Rugs
  • 3 small ambiance stage lights

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