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History Publications

Fred D. McPherson Jr.

Fred D. McPherson Jr.

The Museum of Art & History publishes books on subjects of local historic interest and exhibition catalogues. History journals, books, and exhibition catalogues can be purchased at the Museum Store during regular visiting hours, or at MAH’s online shop. As of 2013, the MAH is also producing an online history journal.

The Fred D. McPherson Jr. Publications Fund is a source of funding for MAH publications. The first McPherson Fund book was Santa Cruz County Place Names, by Donald Thomas Clark. This publication was an instant success and all proceeds from that project, and all projects since then, have been returned to the Publications Fund to help fund future endeavors. You can access a complete index of publications produced by the Fund here (PDF).

Guidelines for authors submitting material for consideration by the History Publications Committee can be found here (PDF).

Contribute to the next History Journal #9

Land Use, Preservation, & the Environmental Movement

The History Publications Committee of the Museum of Art & History is pleased to announce that History Journal No. 9 will examine the collective and political efforts of people and events which have helped preserve the natural environment of Santa Cruz County. These actions are the underpinning of our local lifestyle and have grown to shape and support our economy.

This journal will document eco-activism in Santa Cruz County, the turning points in land use, the community leaders who worked on both sides of development decisions, the political process, and the voters’ voices.
“We all want Utopia, but the question is how to get there.” – Bruce McPherson, 1978, on Measure J.
 Below is a partial and preliminary list of some topics which might be included in the journal. Some of these may take the form of major articles, while others may be short sidebars or presented in an appendix. Further suggestions would be welcomed.
  • Park Creation
  • Highway Expansions, those that Happened and their Impact, and those that Didn’t
  • The Coastal Act
  • Bike Paths
  • Defeated Projects (Wingspread, Nuclear Power Plant)
  • Measure J
  • Spin Offs – Life Lab
  • Greenbelt Land Use
  • Wider Leadership that Grew from Environmental Beginnings
  • Character, Culture, and Community of the Environmental Movement
  • Land Patterns of Preservation – Williamson Act, Zoning, Land Trusts, etc
Planning for History Journal No. 9 has already begun, and the Committee is soliciting proposals for contributions. Authors of articles will be asked to submit their finished contributions in October 2016, with publication expected the following year.
Guidelines for authors are available here.
Please submit your suggestion in the form of an article abstract, by April 1, 2016, to the Chair of the Publications Committee, Lisa Robinson or Marla Novo, Curator of Collections. Santa Cruz MAH, 705 Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.


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