Intern at the MAH

When you intern at the MAH, you’ll build your resume at an internationally renowned museum with talented mentors who will help you on your professional journey. Find your fit with an internship in community programs, exhibitions, marketing, youth field trips, and intercultural engagement across Santa Cruz County.

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Internship Opportunities

There are currently no open internship positions. Check back soon to see upcoming opportunities.

Explore examples of how you can get involved below.

Creative Programs Internship

Design and facilitate creative programs. Collaborate with local community members, lead participatory programs, and facilitate engaging activities for all ages. Bring your most playful and imaginative self to reach new levels of creative innovation for thousands of visitors at the MAH and Abbott Square.

Youth Programs Internship

School Programs at the MAH are non-traditional. With this internship, you’ll learn about a unique approach to museum education that doesn’t require students to be art “experts.” You’ll have the opportunity to create activities and go behind-the-scenes to look at how exhibitions and education go hand in hand.

Photography Internship

Capture dynamic and engaging media from our events, exhibitions, and day-to-day operations. Interact with hundreds of people from our community in exciting event settings. Learn and practice the museum’s mission to better highlight the heart of the organization through your photography.

Intercultural Outreach Internship

Provide the creative MAH experience for community members throughout Santa Cruz County. These MAH experiences include all-ages art activities, lightning fast talks series, and themed conversations over coffee. Experience meaningful celebrations around town and create welcoming spaces for new audiences to connect with our community's art and history.

Intercultural Programs Internship

Create opportunities for community members to experience meaningful connections. These opportunities can be through participatory learning, art and history activities, community conversations, and even social games. Share and grow your creative skills while building a stronger and more connected community.


Busy schedule this quarter? Volunteer and get the same behind-the-scenes MAH experience with less of a time commitment.