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When you intern at the MAH, you’ll build your resume at an internationally renowned museum with talented mentors who will help you on your professional journey. Find your fit with an internship in community programs, exhibitions, marketing, youth field trips, and intercultural engagement across Santa Cruz County.

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Internship Opportunities

Check back in December for Winter Internships at the MAH.

Get a sneak peek at what we offer with past internship opportunities listed below.

Event Marketing Internship

Design and implement marketing campaigns that welcome thousands of visitors to the MAH’s weekly events. You will have the space to think creatively and try out new ways to reach audiences in Santa Cruz County. Gain experience in digital marketing, community engagement, photography, social media analytics, copywriting, graphic design, campaign design, and branding.

School Programs Internship

School Programs at the MAH are non-traditional. You’ll learn about a unique approach to museum education that doesn’t require students to be art “experts.” You’ll have the opportunity to create activities and go behind-the-scenes to look at how exhibitions and education go hand in hand.

Of By For Beach Flats Internship

Help create a stronger, more connected Santa Cruz County. In this role, you will engage Latinx Beach Flats residents and create experiences relevant to them. This internship will center on building meaningful relationships with neighbors who live in Beach Flats to make our whole community stronger and more connected. You will also get to be a part of the worldwide initiative Of By For All.

Creative Programs Intern

Help build amazing, creative, hands-on experiences for all ages at the MAH and Abbott Square. You get to bring your most playful and imaginative self to reach new levels of creative innovation. You’ll get to create, engage, play and interact with thousands of visitors coming to the Museum.


Want to get a jumpstart on interning? Volunteer and get the same behind-the-scenes MAH experience with less of a time commitment.