We're Still Here

Step into an exhibit exploring senior isolation in Santa Cruz County—made with local seniors and advocates.

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April 5th 2019 - September 22nd 2019

Second Floor Solari Gallery

Social isolation impacts all of us and is a growing health epidemic. 36% of seniors in Santa Cruz County report experiencing social isolation. These seniors feel alone, detached from family, friends, and the community.

This exhibition shares local seniors' personal stories with social isolation through a group called, C3. Together the artists, seniors and advocates of C3 created artwork about what it’s like to be a senior experiencing loneliness or isolation in Santa Cruz County. Seniors contributed their personal artwork about loneliness and words of wisdom to future generations.

Isolation affects seniors and our whole community's health. Loneliness leads to dramatic decreases in physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. As our 60+ population is rapidly growing, social isolation has become an increasingly important issue Santa Cruz County seniors face.

This artwork was supported by artists and stories from seniors around the world. These works showcase creative and inspiring examples of intergenerational social connections. Inspired by their time together and these projects around the world, C3 dreamed up actions we all can take to create a stronger, more connected community.

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