Hear from the living and the dying in this powerful exhibition co-created with Hospice Santa Cruz County.

Exhibited from December 1, 2017 - March 25, 2018

At the end of your life, what will you wish you had said? This exhibition invites you to share your story, make music, and listen to others.

Hear stories from local Hospice patients as they go through end of life care. These stories were all gathered by hospice caregivers who sat with patients, learned what matters most to them, and want to share these stories with you.

What you're hearing inside this show is an aural weaving together of stories from Hospice Santa Cruz County patients. Sound artist Lanier Sammons wove their words into an audio installation that invites us to explore what matters most in our own lives.

Spoken Quote

“I wish I could tell people how valuable they are to the world.”

Anonymous — Hospice Patient

Listen to a Story

You can still unlock the powerful messages from Spoken/Unspoken in this video series from Hospice Santa Cruz County.

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Lanier Sammons


Lanier Sammons

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"But here’s my advice: pick someone you love and tell them you love them, today, while they’re around to get the message."

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