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Uncover personal tattoo stories from across Santa Cruz County. Plus, dive into tattoo history and artistry found throughout the County.

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November 22nd, 2019 - February 23rd, 2020

3rd Floor Art Forum Gallery

We all have powerful stories that shape who we are, some of us choose to make those stories visible through tattoos.

Explore the stories behind how and why we get tattooed through personal accounts from inked individuals across Santa Cruz County.

People choose to get tattooed for all sorts of reasons. To mark important life events, show a commitment to a loved one or express an affiliation with a specific community or social group. For some, the decision to get a new tattoo isn’t as monumental. Whatever the reason, momentous or spur of the moment, each tattoo tells a unique story.

In looking at these unique stories visitors will also explore the development of modern tattooing in Santa Cruz County, from illegal tattoo pop-ups at art shows to the movement toward legalizing tattooing in the 90s. This exhibition will also highlight the work of local tattoo artists through a community tattoo portfolio and Santa Cruz inspired flash art wall.

Plus, give your friends and family a temporary tattoo in the pop-up tattoo shop located inside the gallery.

Featuring Artwork from Tattoo Shops:

Black Pearl | Eight's & Aces | Freedom Tattoo | F U Tattoo | Good Luck Tattoo | Good Omen Tattoo | Mission Street Tattoo | Samuel O'Reilly's Tattoo Parlor | Staircase Tattoo | True Art Tattoo

Special thanks to our friends at Tattly for their support.

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