Santa Cruz County History Gallery

Discover the unheard stories of the people who made Santa Cruz County what it is today.

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Who makes history? Discover the unheard stories of people who made history here in Santa Cruz County.

Farmworkers and fishermen. Street performers and surfers. Native Ohlone and migrants from around the world. Santa Cruz County is home to dreamers, artists, and activists. In this gallery, you will meet people who used their passion to fight injustice, invent new industries, and build a stronger community. We hope you will be inspired to carry the torch forward and make history.

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Tue, Nov 6, 2018

MAH Publications

Alongside historians, politicians, and superstar community members the MAH publishes books on subjects of local historic interest every few years. Buy any of the following history journals, books, and exhibition catalogs at the Museum Store during regular visiting hours.

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If you love getting your hands dirty by flipping through old books, handwritten letters, and county newspapers, this volunteering option is for you.

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