Miguel Arzabe

View colorful weavings by Miguel Arzabe as you climb the museum stairs.

Exhibited from April 2017 – February 2018

Explore the stairwell installation transformed from discarded paper into colorful patterns that celebrate the artist's Andean heritage.

Miguel Arzabe's large-scale weavings are made from paper ephemera—posters, flyers, hand-outs—collected from art exhibitions. Drawing inspiration from both the traditions of indigenous textiles and modernist abstract painting, Arzabe's weavings are physical archives of cultural output and raise questions of authorship, labor, and how value is created.

Miguel Arzabe transforms discarded paper into colorful weavings. Honoring his Andean heritage, Miguel’s patterns celebrate cultures that preceded and continue to survive colonization. He uses promotional materials from contemporary art exhibits and fairs. By collecting, cutting, and remixing images of artworks that are not his own, Miguel questions authorship and how value is created in contemporary art.

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Miguel Arzabe

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