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Researchers Anonymous Roundtable

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Saturday, December 8, 2018,
11am - 1pm


Invite Your Friends

Join fellow local history buffs for a special roundtable discussion on ways to get involved with local history preservation.

With the help of notable speakers attendees will discuss ways to become more involved in the preservation and sharing of local history.

All are welcome to attend. No prior experience necessary.

This event is free/donation based.

Hear brief presentations about current and planned efforts to promote local history from...

  • Traci Bliss, on the goals of the History Forum and its contributions to MAH and the history community.
  • Mary Wood, President of the History Forum, will offer their ideas for the future.
  • Don Lauritson, member of Santa Cruz City’s History Preservation Commission, on its functions.
  • Susan Nemitz, Director of Santa Cruz Public Library, on its local history holdings and planning for a new downtown library quarters.
  • Stan Stevens, on the origin and history of Researchers Anonymous.

Then discuss ways these groups share local history and foster involvement. Looking into how these groups can better...

  • Arrange and offer talks, tours, exhibits and other types of presentations about history matters.
  • Offer educational programs to learn history and/or how to study and research history.
  • Advocate for historic resource preservation.
  • Provide a forum for history researchers and/or aficionados to share information, ideas, and/or comradery.
  • Operate (or assist/support in operating) a history archive, museum or the like.
  • Publish works on history matters.

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