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Today is Saturday, November 18: Open 10am-3pm
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Ze Frank Weekend




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On January 12-13, participants in A Show with Ze Frank will take over the MAH. This entire weekend is FREE and open to the public.

On Saturday, enjoy hands-on workshops from 11-5 in 3D printing with Michael Allen, illustration with Stefan Bucher, games and tours of the A Show exhibition with Ze Frank.  There will be ongoing craft activities, including making your own finishing stamp, decorating duckies, and contributing personal messages to a “comfort bear” made by Amy Godding.

At 5:30pm on Saturday, in the Auditorium, Ze Frank and Stefan Bucher will present their work in an interactive showcase with the audience. There will be a casual reception from 6:30-8pm to follow at the museum, after which you are encouraged to enjoy dinner in Downtown Santa Cruz.

On Sunday, there will be repeats of Saturday’s workshops and hijinks from 11-3.

  • Knowledge

  • Are the exact times of the workshops decided yet? I’m an RA at UCSC and I want to make this into an event for my residents. I just need to figure out what time to put on my poster to get people to come. =)

    Also, I can’t wait to see the exhibit! Been a fan of A Show for a while, and I’m so excited that I can finally actually attend something that I heard about on youtube!

    • There are exact times, but I’m nervous that they might change. We will be posting a final schedule on Friday by 5pm… but that doesn’t give you a lot of time.

      Here’s what we know right now:


      11:30am – Tour the Exhibit with Ze

      12pm – Mike Allen 3D image workshop

      1pm – Lost Ring Game

      2pm – Stefan Bucher Illustration Workshop

      3pm – Stefan Monster Making Workshop

      4pm – Tour the Exhibit with Ze

      5:30pm – Show Starts – Nina, Ze, Stefan

      6:30pm – Reception Starts

      7:30pm – Ze invites everyone who can go to hang out offsite (Palomar)


      11:30am – Tour the Exhibit with Ze followed by Ze signing

      12:30pm – 3D Image workshop with Mike

      1pm – Lost Ring Game

      2pm – Stefan Monster Making Workshop

  • Ophir Silverman (osilver)

    I am so gonna be there! So excited!