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3rd Friday: Winterpalooza



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Need to get your hands warm? Try a night of crafting.

Get in the winter spirit at the Winterpalooza 3rd Friday festival with hands-on crafts, activities and a Teen Art Market.


Hands-On Crafts

Design your own gift wrap & bags at our Sustainable Gift Wrap Station.

Craft your holiday cards using stamp & pop-up card techniques with Victoria May & students.

Set intentions for 2016 or simply make a wish within a Wish-y Wonerland collaborative installation.

Create your own felt critters using cookie cutters with Kaiwa Art & Play Space.

Or just enjoy Cozytown, U.S.A. a book nook borough built in partnership with the Santa Cruz Public Libraries.

Teen Art Market

Buy any last minute holiday gifts from our Teen Art Market hosted by Subjects to Change.

Molly Craft
Olivia Elman
Trinity Esola
Quentin Freeman
Sidney Godet
Kai Golden
Aaron LaVeck
Max Mandell
Sophie McCallum
Amelia Pollock
Kelly McCandless
Fatima Ndiaye Thioune
Anika Tabachnick
Margaret Sartain
Lena Thaler
Audrey Webb
Girl Scout Troop 11073
*ceramics * stickers * cloth bags * buttons * beanies * jewelry * stickers * greeting cards * stuffed animals * coasters * prints * silk screened t-shirts*


Explore and play within the Toy Trains exhibit: Toy Trains is a rotating cavalcade of operating toy trains from the 1920s to the 21st century. Watch a massive standard gauge steam engine from the 1920s start-up headlight flashing, drive wheels spinning, smoke flowing from the smoke stack and of course a mighty whistle. On another track, see a remote controlled modern production of an O gauge diesel with all the latest electronic features. Hear the roar as the diesel starts up, the blast of the mighty horn, the squeal of the brakes at the train slows for a curve and the chatter between the engineer and the control tower. Toy trains have come a long way over the last century, but new or old, the emphasis is on fun!

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