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The Liberation Project with Rocky Lewycky



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RockyliberationprojectThe Liberation Project is part of Rydell Visual Arts Fellow, Rocky Lewycky’s, piece “Is It Necessary?” currently on exhibit in the Solari Gallery. This event bridges the installation with a direct way you can help make a difference in exposing the dire conditions of livestock animals on the chopping block.

This art piece aims to elucidate the brutality of animal factory farming.  The work consists of hundreds of ceramic animals that are methodically placed on shipping pallets.  As the installation progresses through the exhibition run, numerous animals that are featured in the art piece will be shattered, collectively leaving a trail of shards in its wake.

The remaining animals that are not broken (approximately 75) will be sold and “liberated” as a result of your $50 minimum donation to the Humane Farming Association (HFA).  By purchasing a ceramic animal, you can help support humane farming in order to relieve unnecessary suffering.

Here’s how you can help:

1- Email Rocky at with your name and contact info.

2- I will confirm that animals are still available for liberation.

3- When confirmed, make a check out to the Humane Farming Association for a minimum donation of $50.  When I receive your donation, it will ensure an animal is reserved for you at our liberation event at the MAH.

4- After the event, Rocky will deliver all of the checks to the HFA.

About the Liberation Event:

The liberation will be held on Feburary 23rd, 2014, at 2:30pm at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Participants will be escorted to the Solari Gallery where they will choose the ceramic animal of their liking.  Pigs, cows, turkeys, and fish will be available for selection on a first-come first-serve basis.  Liberators will be included in a gold leaf gilding whereby we will transfer your fingerprint to the animal’s “third-eye” with 23-karat gold leaf.