The Museum of Art & History at the McPherson Center

Today is Sunday, May 28: Open 11am – 5pm
Directions & Admission
The MAH is open during Abbott Square construction. Enter only on Front St.

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3rd Friday: Race Through Time





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GO!!!!— to the MAH for Race Through Time, a thrilling around-the-town scavenger hunt that will get you whizzing through Santa Cruz history, while biking or walking down sunny streets with friends and competitors. 

Organized by the Museum of Art & History, Race Through Time is back and better this year with a biking and walking component, daring new clues, awesome prizes, and surprise challenges along the way. Providing a new way to learn old stories, the rules for Race Through Time are simple:

Participating racers will form teams of 2 to 5, and together, work to solve a packet of 20 clues that reveal places in Santa Cruz that hold historical significance. Upon solving each clue and finding each corresponding location, racers will earn points towards their grand total of points— which can earn them a bundle of worthy prizes, including a MAH membership.

But that’s not all. Extra points will be rewarded to the best-dressed team, and teams who participate in surprise-challenges held at various locations. When the clock strikes 8, all racers must be back at the Museum, where we’ll have a cash bar for a nice refreshing beer and some healthy snacks.

So no need to bring your heavy textbook— the history here lies beneath your spinning bike wheels, sprinting feet, and the story paved streets of your own hometown.

Check in is from 5:00-5:30PM. We will discuss the rules and distribute the clue packets at 5:30PM.

The race is on from 6-7:30PM

Be back by 7:30PM and enjoy live music, snacks and a take a photograph with your team in our photo booth.

Winners and prizes will be announced at 8:15PM

Don’t have a team? Find others who need a teammate on the event’s facebook page here.

Watch a video from one of our participants here. See photographs from previous Race Through Times at the MAH here.