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Today is Tuesday, March 20: Open 10am-8pm
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Listening to the Earth II: Temporality





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Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

Kevin O’Connor


Beginning at 6am and going until 8pm on May 26th, the MAH will be hosting Listening to the Earth II/Temporality. Come enjoy an all day poetry/sound/performance art/dance event that will be ongoing and open to the public.  The first floor of MAH will be filled with emergent performances and temporal poetics: internationally acclaimed artists Nita Little, John Zibelll, Kevin O’Connor, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens Duskin Drum and the performing group Thingamajigs  in collaboration with Stephen Ratcliff invite visitors to explore notions of the sound, time, and consciousness in relation to various environments. UCSC art students Morgan True, Dimitri Zurita and Heidi Cramer will also perform. In addition to the 14 hour long performance of Thingamajigs as they support Stephen Ratcliffe reading 1000 poems, there will be an array of playful, poignant performances—including Ecosexual Bed Peace inspired by John & Yoko’s Bed Piece, liquid designs in ocean water filled kiddy pools, an interactive dance installation, and a performance collage that re-interprets found imagery and printed text— Listening to the Earth II/ Temporality will be sure to delight and surprise as it engages different notions of time and space.



John Zibell

Nita Little