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Lightning Talks: The Struggle is Real





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Talks begin at 8:30PM sharp

How have Santa Cruz County communities journeyed through struggle and into resilience? These Lightning Talks on The Struggle is Real will focus on life’s many challenges and transformations spanning across class, race, gender, and sexuality, to transportation, healthcare, foster care; from incarceration, and education, to housing, mental health, and homelessness in Santa Cruz County.

Talks begin at 8:30PM sharp. Enjoy light refreshments and music in between presenters, and explore a ‘Fostering Resilience Workshop’ at 7pm with Silvia Austerlic in our auditorium before we get started.

What are Lightning Talks?

Lightning Talks are a series of fast and visual presentations from local Santa Cruz experts. Each event has a different theme. Each speaker presents for a maximum of five minutes. You’ll leave fascinated and inspired by diverse topics from neighbors right here in our county.

Silvia Austerlic’s Fostering Resiliency Workshop: Building an Inner Sanctuary (7-8PM)
Participate in Intercultural Facilitator and Community Action Board board member, Silvia Austerlic’s workshop where participants will gain tools, practices and reminders of how to recharge, regenerate, reconnect and work towards resiliency.

SEATING IS LIMITED AND NOT GUARANTEED. RSVP via Eventbrite for BOTH the talks and the workshop.

Light refreshments will be available.