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Historic Photo Processes Forum





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HChapmanThe January 4th meeting for the HPPF@MAH will feature a talk by photographer Harlan Chapan on the recent (ninth) annual Alternative Photography International Symposium held  in Santa Fe.  APIS is the premiere forum for historic photo process and included presentations on printing with casein, gold, uranium, albumen and oil paints, as well as exhibits and discussions led by Getty Conservation Institute Scientists and various photographers and printmakers.

Chapman, whose gum and carbon prints have been widely praised and exhibited, attended APIS and has prepared a slideshow reviewing the highlights of the 3-day symposium.  His HPPF@MAH talk will be an opportunity to learn of the latest developments in alternative photography and to view the work of contemporary photographers using vintage techniques.

The HPPF is a resource for photographers and historians to study long-gone photographic technologies.  Forum meeting regularly feature expert guest speakers as well as exhibits of original historic and contemporary photographs made using vintage photographic processes.


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Now in its second year, The Historic Photo Processes Forum is lead by photographer

Charles Berger.