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GLOW: A Festival of Light





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GLOW: A Festival of Fire and Light 2013 from Santa Cruz MAH on Vimeo.

*This is a two day festival. GLOW: A Festival of Fire is Saturday October 18th.*

Advanced TICKETS are available here.

This event is CASH ONLY the night of. Please do not bring strollers.

Imagine this:

A black lit three story building electrified with glow in the dark dances, digital projections, LED light art and other glowing goodies flowing through the air like fireflies. Bring your imagination to life in a mind dazzling evening of lights, art and performances.

Chris Schardt‘s, Light Curtain, is a flexible 9’ tall, 3’ wide LED display that can display montages of images, video recordings, live video, and purely abstract images. It is controlled by the L.E.D. Lab app running on an iPad which visitors can help control the display or appear on the light curtain. Jacob Garbe’s , Stillness, is an interactive projection using a Kinect to allow visitors to turn into a tree, which moves its branches as they move their arms. It asks participants to be as still as possible in order for the tree to grow and sprout leaves. The more they move their arms, the faster the tree loses its leaves, until it fades away. by Deeje Cooley is an interactive digital dance app for iOS that lets users create and publish beautiful multi-layered kinetic visuals to their favorite music.  At GLOW, users can enter the Dome and digitally dance along to some of the best dance visuals from the community.

The MAH’s current Artist in Residence, choreographer Karl Schaffer, will use software to project live video mosaics of dancers in his dance company, MoveSpeakSpin.  Kaleidoscopic video images of dancers will be manipulated to create colorful designs projected throughout the museum. Visitors are invited to play with their own kaleidoscopic designs and create dance movements of their own in the performance. Watch the dancer’s perform at 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30, 9 and 9:30PM.

Dana Hemenway‘s macramé weave of extension cords will grace the stairwell powering a group of incandescent lights. Todd Williams‘ roaming, remote controlled, El-wire sharks and electric butterflies will surprise you in the dark. Play Tim Thompson‘s Space Palette, a musical and visual instrument that you play by waving your hands in the holes of a large oval frame.  Paul Sable‘s lighted solid acrylic obelisks are programmed LED arrays that colorfully light the walls. Play Ben Hencke‘s Synthia, a two player light and sound instrument that uses music theory and light to make it easy for everyone to play. Fashion artists such as Geoffrey Nelson and Rebecca Braslau will be lit up and engaging with visitors throughout the evening in their electroluminescent wired and LED attire.

Michele Guieu‘s Species Encounter: Dive In!, is an interactive multimedia installation about the plastic we consume invading the ocean and threatening marine species. The installation is a large shadow theater with a series of animal shapes made from recycled material that visitors can play with to create a changing underwater-scape. Visitors are invited to move the shapes and interact with the video projected behind the screen by collaborator, Drew Detweiler.

Follow the bright lights to our blacklight activity room which will be filled with hands-on glowing art activities including neon crowns and bow ties, neon marbleizing, highlighter jellyfish prints, glow in the dark face-painting with Madaline Tomlinson, and glowing spin bike art with Tawn Kennedy.

Want to know how things glow? A group of graduate students from UCSC Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry will demonstrate different types of luminescence, including chemo-, bio-, photo-, and electrical-driven luminescence, and explain the spectacular science behind GLOW in the classroom.

A truly magical stage performances will brighten up Abbott Square:

7:15PM The Coastal Magicians Club of Santa Cruz County laser, lights and magic performances by Joshua Logan, Doug Hofkins and Ernie ‘Magic Zap’ Jackson

8:15PM The Hoopalights, a Santa Cruz LED hoop lights up the night with a sparkling and twinkling display of multi-color glow hoops that change colors and patterns with the music. Their dance piece ‘illuminational’ will be coordinated with a digital projection screen of images and circular silhouettes.

8:30PM Aurora, a specialty act that combines dance, acrobatics and a beautiful display of sparks.

9PM HERD: Ways/Walls + Windows, a glowing multi-media performance art piece by Eve Warnock and Kate Spacek

The transfluent orchestra will create live visual projections on the museum, combining fire, light, time and space into a visual performance. Mike Horton’s neon work will light the way.  HERD: Emergence is an interactive performance experience in herding behaviors by Eve Warnock and Kate Spacek.

So come enjoy the show. Come GLOW! Download the GLOW Program 2014 here.

Thank you to the following participating artists that make this event possible: Steve Cooper, Drew Detweiler,

Tim Thompson, Todd Williams, Michele Guieu, Nathan Ober, Karl Schaffer, MoveSpeakSpin, Jacob Garb, Chris Schardt, Dana Hemenwaytransfluent orchestra, Paul Sable, The Coastal Magicians Club of Santa Cruz CountyThe Hoopalights, Heather Troy, Mike Horton, Eve Warnock,  Kate Spacek, Laurel Shastri, Jane Real, Saki, Lila Salhoc, Carolyn Collins, Javier Rueda, Earlene Alexiou, Joanie Vigil, Joshua Logan, Doug Hofkins and Ernie ‘Magic Zap’ Jackson, Aurora, Allie Cooper, Cherie Jacque, Ahston Swinford.Ben Hencke, Deeje Cooley, Pelham Johnston, Joseph Hansen, Stella Ozzman, Ki Gusse, Geoffrey Nelson, Rebecca Braslau, Lev Schlaffer, Jan Hobbel, Alexei Othenin-Girard, Stella Ozzman, Zoe Manguerra.

In partnership with artists Steve Cooper and Drew Detweiler .