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GLOW: A Festival of Fire





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GLOW: A Festival of Fire and Light 2013 from Santa Cruz MAH on Vimeo.

*This is a two day festival. GLOW: Digital Art night is Friday October 17th.*

Advanced TICKETS are available here. This event is CASH ONLY the night of. Please do not bring strollers.

Cooper Street and Abbott Square will be glowing with fire dancing, flaming fire art sculptures, radiating music and dancing in the streets. Local fire artists will show their latest burning man creations of fire art that will ignite into musical flames, lightning fire trees and fire cannonades.

Lucy Hosking’s, Satan’s Calliope- a magnificent fire breathing pipe organ, will be performed throughout the evening with pulsing jets, vertical poofers, flames, whistles and truck horns.

Artists, Neal Strickberger and Jeremy Crandell will light up the city with Project Flashlight, a large scale work that harnesses the power of billion candlepower searchlights and computer controls to create spectacular interactive art. Participants can controll it with a phone app and motion remote like a giant over amplified light saber.

Samba Stilt Circus is a fabulous collective of musicians, stilt walkers, dancers, and fire artists. Since 2006, SSC has brought high-energy flare with brazilian drum rhythms with animated stilt walkers. They will perform on Cooper Street at 8PM.

Make a wish into a fire well at Bob Hoffman’s, Wishing Well, a copper structure that animates spinning flames. Ezra Manner’s Vaca de Muerto con Fuego is a bull head sculpture emitting flaming horns and eyes.

Wander through a forest of fiery trees in Kevin Lewis’ Lightning Fire Trees.

Don’t miss Bonefire Cannonade Performances with the fire artists, their vertical poofers and Lucy Hosking’s flaming piano that emits flames through striking piano keys.

Jeff Caplan‘s fire breathing dragon flies are giant bugs welded from the steel of re-inCARnated VW bug. Jensen Hasting’s Red Hot thistle is a metal flower sculpture with flame and glowing ember effects.

The Haptic Synapses, a group of electronic musicians and artists, will bridge techno and house music to live electronic music that will have you dancing throughout the night.

Inside the museum, visitors will be surrounded by playful laser lines on the floor responding to your movement in a piece titled,  Co-related Space. This playground of sound and music uses motion tracking, laser light projection and generative soundscape to encourage interaction between participants, movement and experimentation.

The transfluent orchestra will create live visual projections on the museum, combining fire, light, time and space into a visual performance. Fashion artists such as Geoffrey Nelson and Rebecca Braslau will be lit up and engaging with visitors throughout the evening in their electroluminescent wired and LED attire.

So come enjoy the show. Come GLOW!

Thank you to the following participating artists that make this event possible: Steve Cooper, Drew Detweiler , Jeff Caplan, Bob Hoffman, Ezra Manners, Lisa Martin, Lucy Hosking, Jensen Hastings, Kevin Lewis,Co-related Space, The Samba Stilt Circus, Haptic Synapses, Steve Cooley, Charles Johnson, Derek Scott, Neal Strickberger, Mike Horton, Nathan Ober, transfluent orchestra,Wes Modes, Lanier Sammons, Brent Townshend, Rebecca Picker, Michael Burmingham, Tracy Urchul, Sidney Nicol, Kim Dorn, Kevin Dorn, Krisna Putnam, Davarayah Trugan, CJ Flores, Lizabeth Lutz, Jamie Thompson, Helen Del Toro, Travis Vanderburg, Jeremy Crandell, Geoffrey Nelson, Rebecca Braslau

In partnership with aritsts Steve Cooper and Drew Detweiler . Download the GLOW Program 2014 here.