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Experience Metal: Saturday





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Michael Wood


Wendy Ballen

Aaron P. Van De Kerckove

Liz Judkins

Nora Dougherty

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AT THE EVENT OR CALL US * Registered participants for workshops get in free for general admission*

Put the pedal to the metal at the MAH for a three-day event showcasing an array of different techniques, methods and forms working with the medium of metal. We are excited to share a wide range of metal working methods including blacksmithing, junk metal art, jewelry crafting, wire art, and welding through a variety of workshops and demonstrations. Explore the art of metal throughout this weekend-long event. Be sure to check out the hot rods, motorcycles, and art bikes too!

Saturday and Sunday will feature all day demonstrations in an assortment of metal craft techniques, as well as opportunities for artist-led workshops with the chance to take home your own metal handiwork. Each day will showcase different artists and techniques. In the Atrium, visitors will have the opportunity to add to our giant collaborative metallic robot creation.

Enjoy a one-week only metal art exhibition in the atrium that will showcase work by all the metal artists involved in the event. Come to the MAH this weekend to link, twist, weld and fuse together a metallically monumental experience!

Interested in a more hands on experience with metal? Sign up now for an artist-led workshop. Here you will have the chance to put your metal experience into practice and create something yourself. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for all workshops in advance, to ensure their place. Note that there are different registration fees for each workshop in addition to the cost for general admission.

Michael Wood and Kirk McNeil

Benjamin Osen

Demonstrations by:

Ed Martinez: Scavenged Art

A site specific urban scavenger artist demonstrating effects on different metals using found materials.

Nora Dougherty: Cuttlefish Casting

3-5pm See one of the oldest forms of casting in action!  Using the skeleton of a cuttlefish as the material for a one time mold, and gravity as the force to push the molten metal into the mold- Nora will show you how to make beautifully textured, small scale metal objects that can be used for jewelry making- or whatever you like. This process does produce a a slight burning smell- we will be set up outside, which will be a great help in mitigating  this- but people who are sensitive to smells- consider yourselves warned!

Wendy Ballen: 3D Wire Sculptures

Wire art demonstrations making figures, forms and designs.

Michael Wood: Blacksmithing

Michael Wood will be leading a team of blacksmiths utilizing ancient techniques in forging a contemporary sculpture.We will be exploring the use of strikers and top tooling to “breathe life” into a cold lifeless piece of metal.

Paul Hempstead, Chris Cravey, Steve Schnaar, Ari Finkelstein and Benjamin Osen: Freak Bikes

On display is a compilation of tools, appliances, and cargo-carrying devices, all powered by the humble bicycle.  Included are such creations as a bike blender, a hacked tandem independent drive, center-pull brake grabber tool, and more.  Plus, join us for a gathering of Tallbikes, Freakbikes, Swingbikes and other wild contraptions that you can try out on the Test Track!

Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild & Cabrillo Seahawks Metal Arts Club: Crazy Metal Quilt Participatory Demo

Join in on hammering, texturing, and coloring metal pieces of recycled metal. Each visitor’s personalized small copper and aluminum piece will be tied together to form a collaborative metallic quilt by the end of Experience Metal.

Aaron Van De Kerckhove: Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Ongoing demonstrations in welding.

Liz Judkins, Daniel Yasmin and Nick DeFillipo: Bronze Bell Casting

Watch a live bell pour, sand casting and see an inside glimpse into the process of foundry work.

Re-Cycle Santa Cruz, Liza Miller: Re-Cycled Motorcycles

Learn about the process of fixing old motorcycles and getting them back on the road again.

Sasha Leitman: Sound Barrels

Sound Barrels is a musical instrument made out of three 55-gallon steel barrels.  One barrel has contact microphones attached to it and when the barrel is struck, the microphone’s signal is sent through guitar effects pedals and then into two vibration transducers mounted on each of the other two barrels.  The vibration transducers shake the barrels at audio rates and the barrels themselves become large-metal speakers.  The unique physical properties of the barrels and the electronics create a wide variety of timbres that growl, hum, pulse and pound.

Ed Martinez


Workshops by:

Laamie Young from Blank Verse: Chain Mail Necklaces

Saturday August 18th 11AM-1PM. Location: Classroom.$35. Ages 8 and up. 10 students maximum.

Mend broken jewelry in a workshop that creates new necklaces from old metal scraps. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AT THE EVENT OR CALL US * Registered participants for workshops get in free for general admission*


Pat Accorinti: Silver Clay Charm Making

Saturday August 18th. 2 classes: 11-1PM and 2-4PM. Location: Auditorium. $45. 12 Student Maximum. Kids are welcome as long as they accompanied by an adult. Learn how to shape, texture and fire clay made from fine silver particles and an organic binder to make charms that can be used for pendants, earrings or bracelets. CANCELED

Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild & Cabrillo Seahawk Metal Arts Club: Make-A-Bracelet

Saturday August 18th, 1:30-3PM and  3:30-5PM. Location: Classroom. $25. 12 Students Maximum each session. All ages welcome.

Start with a strip of copper and learn how to texture, stamp, emboss and decorate your own cuff bracelet. Learn techniques in applying patina and buffing copper for your own finished bracelet to take home.PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AT THE EVENT OR CALL US * Registered participants for workshops get in free for general admission*


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