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Exhibit Design Workshops



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As part of the MAH’s Hack the Museum Camp, we are offering a series of exhibit design workshops taught by international experts. These hour-long workshops will be held on Wednesday, July 10. They will serve as the “warm up” for those participating in the Hack the Museum project, and we are also inviting additional participants to experience them as a standalone half-day professional development experience.

To register for Wednesday only ($50), please click here.

1:30pm sessions

Becoming An “Office Supply Ninja” Prototyper! with Paul Orselli

Learn how to maximize your time and resources to change good ideas into even better exhibits and programs through prototyping. Using simple materials, we’ll learn tips and techniques for quickly testing and shaping your ideas into visitor-centered interactive experiences.

Exhibits 101: The Three Big Questions with Maria Mortati and Kevin von Appen

When you’re creating a new exhibit experience, there are a million things to think about. (And to get excited about!) But if you organize those thoughts to answer these three basic questions, you’ll boost your shot at success. With fast-paced, fun examples and activities, we’ll take participants on a quick trip through the Big Questions: What’s the Point? What’s the Form? What’s the Voice?

Writing Prompts for Visitor Participation with Nina Simon

How can you design meaningful ways for visitors to bring their own voices to exhibitions and programs? In this interactive workshop, we will design a flash exhibit based on questions and learn more about what makes for compelling (and deadly) prompts for visitor contributions.

3pm sessions

Intentional Play with Merilee Mostov

Participatory experiences can be fun and engaging.  But what else?  What do we expect visitors to gain from participation?  Join in a spirited conversation about intentionality and learning outcomes.

Creating Emotionally-Engaging Exhibitions with Darcie Fohrman and Dan Spock

We “are not thinking animals, but feeling animals who happen to think.” adapted from neuroscientist Antonio Damsio

New research shows that emotion is fundamental to igniting the cognitive processes of wonderment, resonance, and the evocation necessary for public engagement in museums. Emotion is not distinct from reasoning, but is essential to it.

Come to this conversation about creating powerful experiences for our visitors. When were you deeply moved in a museum exhibition? Why?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Exhibits But Were Afraid to Ask with Justin Collins, Marla Novo, and Eric Siegel

In this free-wheeling conversation, experienced exhibition designers, developers, and collections managers will share their stories and recommendations in response to questions from the audience.