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Today is Tuesday, October 16: Open 10am-8pm
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Community Rental: Art Twistory – The Merry Widow





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Do the words merry widow sound vaguely familiar? You might have heard of her and she likely has had an effect on your life, but do you know why and how? In honor of National Women’s History Month, this presentation will “uncover” (pun intended) who she is and how her legend endures everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom in modern art, politics, and business. Two years in the making, this pictorial, historical, informational bonanza will amaze and amuse anyone interested in film and theater, fashion, women’s history, the law, or gratuitous titillation.

Heighten the merriment by wearing or bringing a Merry Widow of your own…

Items from the MAH archive will be on rare display for this event.

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