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3rd Friday: The Cosmos





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Explore the wonders of space and magic.

Dive into ancient magic arts, astronomy, and cosmic phenomena with demonstrations, hands-on workshops and performances from scientists, astrophysicists, and magicians from across Santa Cruz County.

Live Performances

7:00-8:00pm: ‘Magic of the Universe’ Presentation from The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCSC

8:00-8:30pm: Magic Performances from the Coastal Magicians’ Club

8:30-9:00pm: A Cosmic Jaunt Laser Light Show with Sal McBenttez from Laser Legends. Enjoy an interactive laser light journey through time and space.

Drop-in Workshops & Demonstrations

Projection Mapping by artist Tra Bouscaren. Explore our Sculpture Garden fill with light and color by Tra Bouscaren. Tra is featured in our current exhibition UnLandscape with beautiful, abstract landscape projections.

Glassblowing Demonstrations with Chris Johnson from Chris Johnson Glass: Be dazzled by smoldering hot liquid glass. Explore the beauty that glass offers as a medium with professional glass artist Chris Johnson.

Larger than life Etch A Sketch – Virtualis Etchasketchus with Mc Ruppel,  Lauren Benzaquen, and Cameron Mozee-Baum from the Digital Arts and New Media at UCSC.  Get wild with a larger-than-life Etch A Sketch. The Virtualis Etchasketchus capture the experience of playing with an Etch A Sketch. Rather than literally translate the experience into electronic form, the project is designed to encourage collaboration and create a greater physical connection between you and your drawings.

Demonstrations and Activities with the The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCSC.  Make a mini solar system. Ask UCSC graduate students anything you want to know about astronomy. Explore hands-on activities about the Cosmos.

Aura Paintings with Veteran Chuck Woodson. Get a painted self-portrait– of your aura. Veteran Chuck Woodson has found healing in the language of paint, specifically painting auras for others. Come get your aura painted and learn how this form of art can heal wounds and memories.

Science Tarot Card Readings with Science Tarot. Discover the astonishing result of mixing hard science and real art into a tarot deck. Science Tarot is a creative science communication project that combines science, art and mythology into a tarot deck to engage and awaken curiosity about science and the natural world. The deck illustrates science stories which engage scientists, artists and tarot enthusiasts alike.

DIY Divination Extravaganza with The Seabright Circle. Make your own fortune telling cards, scrying mirrors, stone casting kits or pendulums with this divine group.

Magick of the Mind with Academy of Arcana. Meet the Headmaster of Grey School of Wizardry, and local faculty Wizards. Experience games and demonstrations of consciousness, connecting magick, science and reality offered by the Grey School of Wizardry and Academy of Arcana. 

Clairvoyant Meditation with Crystal from Santa Cruz Somatic Massage: Indulge and unwind in meditation sessions starting every half hour in the History Gallery.

Stones from the Sky: The Magic and the Mystery of Meteorites with Serpent’s Kiss owner Susan Diamond & Shimmering Wolf: Throughout history Meteorites have been revered for their magical and mysterious properties. From King Tut’s tomb to modern day jewelry they continue to fascinate. Discover ways to bring their magic into your everyday life with Susan & Wolf.

Sonic Mirror with Scott Tooby from the Digital Arts and New Media at UCSC. Sonic Mirror is an interactive sound sculpture that continuously records and plays back sounds from the environment to create a sonic echo of the past. Through this mechanism of delayed audio feedback, the sculpture allows you to reflect on the comings-and-goings of sound and its place in our universe.

Laser Cut Etchings of Astrological Signs of the Zodiac with Sean Pace from the Digital Arts and New Media at UCSC (DANM)

The Voice of the  Stones with Serpent’s Kiss owner Susan Diamond & Shimmering Wolf: Stones and Crystals are the oldest formations on Earth. They have witnessed humans evolve, civilizations rise and nations fall. They are quite literally made up of the stuff of our ancestors. They are “the knowing ones” of our planet, and as such, these elders will speak to us if we approach them, develop a means for contact, and heed their guidance. Susan will share her method of communing via a lithomancy kit she designed with her partner Shimmering Wolf that incorporates the Voice of the Stones and Astrology.

Breaking Stereotypes with Women in Science & Engineering at UCSC (WISE)What does a scientist look like in your mind? Commonly shared beliefs about people, a.k.a. stereotypes, can shape the way other people perceive you. They may also shape the way you perceive yourself. Do you break stereotypes? How do others break stereotypes? Drop by the Women in Science & Engineering booth to play a game on breaking stereotypes and win prizes.

Quirky Constellations with Trinity Esola: Learn how to make constellations for stars, strangers, friends (or anything you can imagine) with MAH Intern and fiber artist Trinity Esola.

Wearable Weather with MAH Intern and Jewelry Artist April Riddle: Are you feeling sunny or cloudy? Consider how the cosmos affect the weather and our moods. In this activity, we will craft wacky weather-themed headbands to express how we feel.

Can You Dig It? Explore the Ghosts of Santa Cruz past and learn about the residents of Evergreen Cemetery with MAH’s Gallery Hosts

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