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3rd Friday: PechaKucha on OBSESSIONS





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Join us for a night of creative, personal and fun presentations that will push the boundaries of common lecture formats.

Held in collaboration with PechaKucha Santa Cruz and in the traditional PechaKucha format, we have invited community members with diverse interests to present on the chosen theme OBSESSION. In addition to presentations, there will also be live music from The Great Morgani from 5:45-6:30 and Tim Phillips during intermission. The night’s presenters include:

Lauren Shapiro: Lauren Shapiro is an artist and academic whose primary interest is in how art effects individual, interpersonal, and social change. Applying literary theory to the study of lifespan development, she explores how humor shared between friends fosters identity development, how stories shared between generations nurtures resilience, and how metaphors spoken between lovers predicts the course of romantic relationships.

Tim Phillips: Tim Phillips is an English sound artist, musician and inventor based in Oakland, CA. His work looks at making people curious about sounds and rhythms, while using participation and collaboration to encourage interdisciplinary and unexpected outcomes.

Barbara McKenna: Barbara McKenna is a writer, communicator, and photographer. A few years ago she accepted the fact that she will never dunk a basketball. But she’s been watching, playing, and documenting basketball for 10 years and still thinks it’s the most incredible phenomenon on the planet.

Rob Irion: Rob Irion directs the Science Communication Program at UCSC. He’s been a science journalist for more than 25 years, focusing on astronomy, cosmology, physics, and earth sciences. His most recent stories have appeared in National Geographic, Science, Smithsonian, and Scientific American.

Sven Davis: Emcee Sven Davis has hosted many local events and fundraisers and has been a regular contributor and performer with the Planet Cruz Comedy Hour with Richard Stockton. He was a regular humor columnist with the Santa Cruz Good Times, and has had a long and non-lucrative career in arts management. His long-running one-man show “my life” is notable for having a one-man audience.

Jacob Martinez: Jacob Martinez is a resident of Watsonville, community organizer, and a social entrepreneur. He designs and manages programs to increase the skills and confidence of Latinos to pursue careers in technology, increase parent engagement, community, and coalition building.

Ian Everard: Ian Everard is a copycat. He tries to copy, repeat or duplicate in pictures, words and actions the things he finds, the places he has been. He never seems to finish. He is not obsessed. He says again, he is not obsessed….You can see his work currently in the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship exhibit  here at MAH.

Paul House: Paul House is a Santa Cruz artist who creates massive peace signs on local beaches.

This event is a collaboration with PechaKucha Santa Cruz, sponsored by Santa Cruz Next and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. PechaKucha comes from the Japanese term for the sound of “Chit Chat”. Originating from Tokyo, this innovative presentation format is a fast-paced, visual, and fun.

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the MAH beginning Feb 21st at 4:30 pm. 
Wine and beer will be available for purchase.
Learn more about PechaKucha here.