The Museum of Art & History at the McPherson Center

Today is Wednesday, October 18: Open 10am-8pm
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3rd Friday October: From Trash to Treasure





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Turn your trash into treasure this 3rd Friday as we explore reskilling, repurposing, recycling, found art and junk art.  We’ll turn trash into printmaking material, egg cartons into flowers, plastic bags into tote bags, bottle caps into mosaics, and corks into mini succulent pots. Learn how to compost with Love Apple Farms. Upcycle your thrift store clothes with Suzanne Schrag.

Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County will bring a donated furniture set from their ReStore for visitors to collaboratively help upgrade, repaint and stain which will then be donated to a family in need.

Mary Simmons from the City of Santa Cruz Public Works will teach you how to make use of used mailing envelops by turning them into gift bags and bookmarks. Ron Anderson will demonstrate his process of turning discarded trees and shrubs into a bonsai.

Steve Schnaar will demonstrate how to make soda can stoves and invite you to learn more about the Santa Cruz Fruit Tree Project, a grassroots organization that saves fallen fruit by organizing community fruit harvests.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Meet some of the collectors featured in our Santa Cruz Collects exhibition in person,  hear their stories and share your own in our Collect Call Collection Story Recording Booth with Vernon Legakis.

The MAH’s Pop-Up Museum is back; tonight’s theme is “Collections” on the 2nd floor lobby. Bring your own collection and share your objects and stories with others (Please bring only what you can physically carry in!).

Are you searching for more objects for your collection or want to give away a collection you’ve been holding onto for far too long? Post up your request on our Collection Exchange Board with Anna Greco.

Take a ride on the Happening Couch, Greg McPheeters’s trash bound couch turned into a mobile treasure!

Mauro Di Nucci, a local musician and artist who takes old pianos apart to make sculptures and instruments will play in the atrium.

Thanks to the following collaborators that made this event possible: Anna Greco, Habitat for Humanity Santa Cruz County, Ginger Haggerty, Love Apple Farms, Mary Simmons, Cynthia Sandberg, Vernon Legakis, Greg McPeeters, The Happening Couch, Carmen Clark, Mauro Di Nucci, Stacey Grant, David Hoffman, City of Santa Cruz Public Works- Waste Reduction and Jack Howe, Pop-Up Museum, Nora Grant, Santa Cruz Fruit Tree ProjectRon Anderson, Steve Schnaar and Suzanne Schrag.

Suzanne Schrag: Thrift Store Costumes


Ron Anderson creating Bonsai