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3rd Friday February: Santa Cruz Music





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Sudhu Tewari 'Green Apples' and 'Spring Droplet'

Sudhu Tewari 'Green Apples' and 'Spring Droplet'

Santa Cruz Music at the MAH

MAH’s February 3rd Friday offers a thrilling explosion of musical performances, demonstrations, and workshops from local Santa Cruz musicians, artists, and music organizations.

From Polynesian to jazz, pop to opera, and swing to rock, a series of ongoing performances in the atrium will celebrate diverse local talent and have you dancing your way through the museum, where you can find bundles of musical fun: 

Turn an old shoebox into a jamming guitar. Invent new sounds and instruments out of recycled materials. Redesign record covers with Streetlight Records artists.   Play with CDS, instruments, records, sheet music and cassette tapes to remake into art.  Meet artists that combine music and art into ukulele art books and perform with art guitars. Revisit Santa Cruz’s history of powerful protest songs, meet leaders of these movements and join us in writing or performing protest songs of your own. 

Sayaka Yabuki, ACCESS HUB

Transforming galleries into interactive sound gardens, our back patio into a live looping visual instrument and our Front Street entrance into a collaborative concert, digital sound installation artists will keep the beat going.

Support your local troubadours who enrich our city streets with music as they play in Abbott Square. Meet The Dusty Porch Orchestra who will be traveling throughout the museum, serenading you as you wander.

If you’ve caught the music bug, you can sing your heart out in The Sad Song Project or take beginners lessons in instruments like the ukulele, koto, the saz, the cifteli, the guitar and the dulcimer (7:30-8:30pm). If free style is more your thing, bring your own instrument and join in on Jayme Kelly Curtis’ Open Jam Session from 8:30-9:00pm or watch ACCESS HUB’s theremin and noise guitar demo in the rooftop sculpture garden from 8:30-9:00pm.

The Dulcimer Girls

Come discover your own musical talents, meet music lovers, and dance to the rhythm of MAH’s musical adventure.

Thank you to all the talented participating musicians, artists and organizations: ACCESS HUB, Akarui Saru, Andrew Meave, Ann Simonton, Anna Christie,  Brett HydemanCaroline Kuspa, Carolynn Sills, Cat Johnson, Chris Cravey, Christian Grube, Daniel Yasmin, DeAnne Hart, Dulcimer Girls, Elan Sadeh, Emilee Graverson, Found Object Electric Guitar Band, Frank Perry, Hanna Thrasher, Heidi Cramer, Jayme Kelly Curtis, Jeffrey Charest, Jenna Conway, Katherine Love, Kathryn Moyer, Laura Devine, Liz Judkins, Lorraine Kinnamon,  Lynn Swanger, Maggie SaldiviaMaha Taitano, Marianne Stauffer, Matt Bohn, Melanie Centeno, Members of The Ukulele Club, Michael Logue, Nada Miljkovic, Nessie WheatleyNina Koocher, Nora Grant, Power StripPat ‘Tiki King’ Baron, Peter Thomas, Renaissance Guitars, Rick Turner, Rick Walker, Robbie Schoen, Rose Cannon, Ross Gibson, Sabrina Szymanki, Sandor Nagyszalancszy, Santa Cruz Chorale, Sayaka Yabuki, Streetlight Records, Steve Walker,  Sudhu Tewari, Tait Reed, Te Hau Nui Polynesian Dance Company, The Dusty Porch Orchestra, The Raisinettes, Tyler Martin, UCSC Opera Circle, Uke Ellington and The Ukuleles of Felton.