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3rd Friday: Art That Moves





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Every 3rd Friday we collaborate with community members on participatory art and history events for all ages.

arthatmovesRun, cycle, dance, jump, skate or skip on down for a night of moving art. Make your move and experiment with an array of moving art forms.   Laird’s Academy of Martial Arts will lead demonstrations of Ho Kuk Mu Sul, a traditional Korean martial art that is as beautiful to watch as it is effective to use. The movements of this art are hard and soft, flowing and direct, based on shapes like the circle, triangle and square. Choi’s Takewondo of Scotts Valley’s junior team will be demonstrating basic Tae Kwon Do forms and techniques on stage. Stop by their table to practice kicking and punching targets, use a padded sword, and maybe break a real wooden board! Adults can stop by and try out our mini training circuit . Learn how to draw action sports and movement with The Scribbles Institute.

Watch glass blowing with Nathan Bennett and Richard Mero from Alexander Art Glass. Take a ride through downtown Santa Cruz on the Happening Couch, a moving couch attached to a tandem bike.

Create giant bubbles that fly into the sky, chalk drawings, learn parkour moves and watch amazing live performances in Abbott Square. The Modern Dance Collective of moving statues will be sprinkled through the museum, magically coming to life though imagery meditation, slow movement, and golden silence. Audience participation is encouraged to mirror the dancer’s movements and to play along. The characters come together on stage for a wowing performance from 7:50-8pm in Abbott Square. 


5:00-5:15 Santa Cruz Gymnastics Performance

5:20-5:40 Tap Dancing Performance with  Dancenter

5:50- 6:10 Martial Arts Demonstration with Laird’s Academy of Martial Arts

6:20-6:40 Salsa with Bailamos Salsa Rueda,

6:50-7:10 Taekwondo Demonstration with Grand Master Choi

7:20-7:40 Traditional Haitian dancing with the Tannery World Dance and Culture Center’s  Diaspora Dance Company.

7:50-8:00 The Modern Dance Collective

Cid Pearlman, an accomplished choreographer and our current Participatory Performing Artist In Residence, will create a participatory movement experience for museum goers of all ages. Three installation environments built from recycled materials will become sets for ongoing performances. Drawing inspiration from the current exhibition Crossing Cultures: A Story of Immigration, Cid, MAH Interns, MAH’s Subjects to Change teen program, and museum visitors will co-create this participatory event reflecting on what we leave behind and what we carry with us as we travel through our lives. Participants will workshop simple movement tableaus and interactions, inhabiting the installations, and considering how meaning and narrative can be generated through juxtaposition of body and object. Visitors can create music to be a part of the performance, change the lighting and contribute to the evolving installation. Activities include: memory maps, newspaper costumes, rain sticks, light flowers, stick mobiles, string slides, corks and films, and origami song birds.  Join Cid for scheduled performances:

5:20, 6:00, 6:40: Learn Memory Map Dance in the Atrium

5:20, 6:00, 6:40: Learn the Rhythm Step Dance with David Kind in the Rooftop Sculpture Garden

7PM Meet on the ground floor to join in on a Parade!

Don’t miss Kid Happy Hour with art activities just for kids from 4-5PM in the classroom. Join us for an extra special Kid Happy Hour that will send you over the moon! Peanuts comic book illustrator, Vicki Scott will be joining us to not only share the launch of the latest Peanuts graphic novel “The Beagle has Landed, Charlie Brown” but also teach visitors how to make flip books using all of your favorite characters (think: Snoopy and the gang).
NOTE: Vicki will be available to sign and sell “The Beagle has Landed, Charlie Brown” prior to Kid Happy Hour from 12:00-3:00pm at Atlantisfantasy World, 1020 Cedar Street, Downtown Santa Cruz.

Thank you so much to our collaborators for this event: Laird’s Academy of Martial Arts, Choi’s Takewondo of Scotts Valley, the Happening Couch , The Scribbles Institute, Dancenter, Ruth Fisher, Greg McPheeters, Mike Laird, Mario de Leon, Rob Court, Nathan Bennett, Richard Mero, The Modern Dance Collective, Mercedes Johnson, Joshua Logan, Cid Pearlman, Santa Cruz Gymnastics, Daniel Pincus, Bailamos Salsa Rueda, Tannery World Dance and Culture Center, Diaspora Dance Company, Grand Master Choi, Subjects to ChangeChoiLogo, Grand Master Yong Soon Choi, Sabumnim Mario “Tony” de Leon, Ron Dorsey, Cooper McElrone, Carson McElrone,logo2014 Heather Reed, Darryl/Elio/Lucia Quan, Marcus Dong, Phil Neuman, Shane Blanco, Joey Hernan, Lizzy Davis, Will Gottfredson, Dane Ogdegaard, Travis Ross, Annika Johnson, Amelia Normmensen, Angela Chambers, Ian Crowell, Emma Zigman, Darrian O’Riley, Nicole Casado, Brynne Fidais, Ian Crowell, Amelia Normmensen, Jennifer Radicovich, Natalie Wyman, Andy ” Magic Zap” Jackson, Travis the Juggler, Doug the Surfing Magician