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FREE LUNCH by UCSC’s Public Art Class





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F R E E   L U N C H
They say it can’t be done.

They say that there ain’t no such thing as a Free Lunch, that you can’t get something for nothing.

On March 14th, UCSC’s Public Art class with Associate Professor Dee Hibbert-Jones’ presentsFree Lunch.
The event will involve gift giving of seedlings, seed bombs, and a dialogue built around the idea of non-monetary exchange, community, and the fact that there can and is such a thing as a Free Lunch.

March 14th, Wednesday, 4 – 7 PM Join us

For too long we have been told it is impossible. Funding and jobs have been disappearing.
Prosperity is becoming a thing of the past.
We are cut off from nature. We spend our time indoors. We do not make our own food.

Money isn’t an object.
Corporations aren’t people.
The plants you see don’t come from a supermarket or a boardroom.
But we are people.
And we have something to give.
Occupation means emancipation, emancipation means free.
March 14th, there is such a thing as a Free Lunch.