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There are lots of ways to get involved with the Museum of Art & History and support our community work. Know what you want to do? Click on one of the tabs above. You can also:

Share your skills.

We have fabulous volunteers at the museum who help us run our educational programs, preserve our artifacts, and make our events successful–and we always need more. We need artists, crafters, and history buffs. We need techies. We need gardeners. We need people who can upholster couches and tell stories and make gorgeous posters. You can learn more about volunteering here.

Share your ideas.

We are moving towards becoming a more community-centered, responsive institution, and we can only do that with brilliant and challenging suggestions from you. You can share your ideas in whatever way is easiest for you, and comment on our ideas, too. You can  come in any day to leave a comment on the wall at the lobby, or contact a specific staff member with something to share.

Share your stuff.

We need stuff. Specifically, we need couches, armchairs, and craft supplies. We’d love a vinyl cutter. Please check out our wishlist and see if there’s something you might be able to regift to us.

Make the museum free.

Businesses and organizations can receive great publicity and generate goodwill when you underwrite a free day at the MAH. You pick the day, and for $250 (weekday) or $500 (weekend), you can make it free for everyone. This is also a nice gift for someone who wants to make art and history more accessible to the community.

Underwrite an event or exhibition.

If there is an upcoming event or exhibition related to your interests or your business, consider signing on as a sponsor. Event and exhibition sponsorships are available at $500-$10,000 levels. Contact Karen Bush to learn more about what opportunities might be best for you.

Make a donation to support our operations.

Every dollar you donate goes to support educational programs, exhibitions, and projects to make our community a more vibrant place. Donations are tax-deductible. We love our donors. We invite them to parties. We give them hugs. Wouldn’t you like a hug?

Come Visit.

Sign up for our friendly weekly email to keep you abreast of all the events, exhibitions, and new activity at the museum. We have exciting events and interactive exhibitions for you every week of the year. You can also stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, where we share photos and stories from experiences with our visitors.

Become a member.

The MAH is a non-profit institution, and the only way we can do all this great work is with the support of people like you who love our community and care about culture. Members are the people who make the magic happen by donating money, infusing events with great energy, and introducing friends to the museum. We’d love you to become a museum member or make a donation to support our work.