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Wed, Nov 21, 2018

When you give in 2018, you empower thousands to raise their voices.

On June 18, I got an email from Teresa Ruiz Decker. Teresa was planning a rally to protest the separation of families at the border, and she wanted to know if the MAH could help. We said yes. Two weeks later, the MAH opened Abbott Square to Families Belong Together, where 2,500 people sang, shared stories, made art, and raised their voices in support of communities that are strong, connected, and diverse.

This is what we do every day at the MAH: empower people to express themselves so we can build community. It happens when a veteran shares his photography in an art exhibition. When a teenager shares her story at a poetry slam. When an abuela shares her struggles with loneliness at a community brainstorm. When a fed-up mom like Teresa asks for help, and the MAH says yes.

Your donations make it possible for us to say yes. Last year, your gifts helped us expand MAH programming into Abbott Square - a new gathering place rooted in creativity and connection. We launched hundreds of new free events this year at the expanded MAH. We said yes to 150,000 visitors - more than twice as many as participated last year. It’s challenging to keep up with all the community requests and energy flowing into the expanded MAH. But we know we want to. We know we have to. Today, I’m asking for your help to do it.

When you give to the MAH, you help thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds raise their voices. To make art. And make history, too.
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