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Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Unleashing Museum Camp

Dear MuseumCamp friends,

I'm writing to you in a moment of exhaustion and joy. We've just completed our final MuseumCamp, saying goodbye to 50 MuseumCamp alumni from around the world who joined us for 3 days of deep learning, sharing, and play.

MuseumCamp started in 2013 as an annual event to share and strengthen the MAH's community-focused approach with brilliant colleagues from around the world - you.

As you know, MuseumCamp isn't a conference. It's a celebration of creative change, small group projects, lightning talks, Power Hours, late night conversations, and early morning ocean swims. Together, we've designed an exhibition, social impact research projects, a "space deck" of strategies for space-making, changemaking zines, and a calendar (yup... it's still coming).

Over the years, we've hosted a total of 395 campers from 15 countries. People launched new careers at MuseumCamp. Started art festivals. Made lifelong friends. Got group tattoos. Broke down and broke through.

Thank you for inspiring us all these past six years. Thank you for being open and generous and vulnerable and loving. It has been a privilege for us at the MAH to host MuseumCamp.

And now, it's time to unleash MuseumCamp from the MAH. This week, we explored ideas of new ways this group might stay in touch and evolve. While no one knows quite what it will look like, a few campers have stepped up to start coordinating possibilities. You'll receive an email about opportunities to get involved in the next two weeks.

As for us at the MAH, we want to do more for the global community of changemakers. We are taking our MuseumCamp energy into a new initiative, OF/BY/FOR ALL. We're creating new models for growing and sharing together. New communication strategies. New events. As we dive into the new, we're saying goodbye to this wild, beautiful thing called MuseumCamp. But we will always hold its spirit in our hearts as we unleash bigger and bolder.

I hope many of you will get involved in OF/BY/FOR ALL and our next chapter here at the MAH. Most importantly, I can't wait to see what you unleash from MuseumCamp - and what we can create together.