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Thu, Nov 08, 2018

Stacey Marie Garcia

Stacey Marie Garcia - Director of Community Engagement

Our Exhibition Philosophy

At the MAH, we believe that great exhibitions make our community grow stronger and more connected.

We are committed to creating exhibitions that inspire diverse audiences to engage deeply with contemporary art and Santa Cruz County history. We see our visitors as partners in actively interpreting and exploring exhibition content.

We produce four kinds of exhibitions at the MAH:

  1. Borrowed and broadened exhibitions, in which we showcase powerful artwork and artifacts from artists, collectors, or institutions worldwide and link that content to local projects with local partners.
  2. Community-sourced exhibitions, in which we invited creative residents of Santa Cruz County and the greater Bay Area to contribute and showcase their own artwork, stories, and objects.
  3. Community issue exhibitions, in which we work closely with local partners to create new artwork and installations that spark dialogue and action on local issues, like foster care or senior isolation.
  4. Immersive exhibitions, in which we invite diverse artists and storytellers to take visitors deep into specific creative and cultural experiences that ignite unexpected connections.

Exhibition Proposal Tips

We’re always on the lookout for new art and ideas.

If you're an individual artist, join our e-mail list to be the first to hear about our next community-sourced exhibition featuring the work of artists from all across Santa Cruz County. Or co-create an event with us.

If you're proposing a group show, fill out this form. Expect that museum staff will design multi-modal, participatory, and immersive experiences around your work.

To understand if you're a good fit, here's more about our exhibition philosophy. Based on research and our own institutional mission, we seek to produce exhibitions that:

  • Are welcoming and accessible to diverse visitors
  • Find, spark, and share stories and ideas related to universal human themes
  • Are relevant to or representative of the people in Santa Cruz County
  • Incorporate local diverse community members and groups as partners and contributors
  • Activate different layers of learning through programming
  • Invite visitors to be active contributors in the gallery
  • Feature local history or contemporary art

Have an Exhibition Idea?

We're always on the lookout for creative group show proposals. Submit yours today.