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Tue, Nov 06, 2018

Marla Novo

Marla Novo - Archives & Collections Catalyst

MAH Publications

Alongside historians, politicians, and superstar community members the MAH publishes books on subjects of local historic interest every few years. Buy any of the following history journals, books, and exhibition catalogs at the Museum Store during regular visiting hours.



This collection of articles—many of them first-hand accounts—focuses on the story of environmental and historic preservation in Santa Cruz County, during the latter 20th century. It captures the drama of activism, innovation, and changes in political power around some of Santa Cruz County's most picturesque locations. From the creation of Watsonville Wetlands Watch to the preservation of Lighthouse Field, these stories are told by those who were deeply committed to what are now our most precious resources.

Harvesting Our Heritage

Harvesting Our Heritage

Inspired by a tattered family recipe book, the local foodies turned authors wondered how early Santa Cruzans ate the food they were growing, raising, and catching. Written by local food lovers this MAH publication offers bite sized history with the perfect amount of delectable recipes. Offering a taste of local history without leaving you stuffed, this publication will fit perfectly on your coffee table, nightstand, or in use with your flour-dusted kitchen recipe collection.

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Between the Redwoods and the Bay

Recount the little-known story of the earliest Jewish settlers of Santa Cruz County and the history of their community. Jewish immigrants who arrived during the Gold Rush era established the foundation of their continual presence in Santa Cruz. Although their population fluctuated in numbers and activity over the years, they became established merchants and businessmen who contributed to the economic, political, and social fabric of life in the region.

Dan Book

40 Years of Saving Our Shores

Written by Dan Haifley. Following in the footsteps of citizens who halted construction of a nuclear power plant in Davenport and an oil refinery at Moss Landing, Save Our Shores formed in January 1978, to oppose plans to drill for oil in federal waters off central and northern California. Over the course of 40 years, SOS continues to preserve "our ocean backyard."

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