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Sat, Apr 29, 2017

Flashback: MAH Members Hung Liu Studio Visit

This weekend, MAH Members loaded up on a bus headed to Brisbane, CA for an inspiring field trip inside Hung Liu's world at Trillium Graphics.

Explore the photo carousel below for a deeper look behind-the-scenes at the experience.

Glittering new prints and huge vibrant tapestries were discovered around every corner in the pristine Brisbane space.

Members browsed over 100 resin works to shop in the print sale Trillium hosted to celebrate a 12 year collaboration with Hung for the za ahong process they created for her work.

Master craftsman Matt Pipes shared Hung Liu's unique printing process involving resin transfer.

MAH Members brought friends and partners along for this special Saturday morning experience.

Hung Liu spoke about her work in detail with everyone in the studio.

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