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Spoken / Unspoken; Stories on Living and Dying: Dec 1st 2017 – March 25 2018

Joop Rubens Photography

I wish I could tell people how valuable they are to the world.”—Hospice Patient

At the end of your life, what will you wish you had said? This exhibition invites you to share your story, make music, and listen to others.

Spoken/Unspoken is a sound installation that features intimate stories from Hospice patients in end of life care. Hospice caregivers meet with people nearing the end of their lives. They listen to their stories. They learn what matters most to them. And now they share these stories with you.

The MAH worked with Hospice Santa Cruz County to collect some of these stories. Then, sound artist Lanier Sammons wove their words into an audio installation that invites us explore what matters most in our own lives.

  • No thanks. Have had many hospice experience with immediate family with video taping documentary never looked at again, and a couple clients when worked part time as a care giver…

    • Melyssa Demma

      Oh so you feel content on any more life lessons?

  • Melyssa Demma

    Valuable lessons to everybody young and old! We as a nation have been conditioned to treat death like its a scary thing…