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To Tell You Who I Am: March 4, 2016

1st Floor Lezin Gallery

struggle super powerNerd. Tomboy. Overachiever. Feminine. Criminal. We have all been categorized. Some of them are true. Some aren’t. Some are flattering. Others are dangerous.

No matter what they are, categories can only go so far in describing the full human experience. Explore this solo exhibition by Iris Gottlieb, an inventory of self. Iris is an illustrator currently based in Oakland, California. Her work is primarily line work focused on mundane objects with a dry-witted slant to it.

This exhibition is an inventory of (my)self: an exploration of the inherited, created, and assigned parts of self. As I explore my current self, I hope to spark discussion, within self or with others, of what it feels like to live as you.


See the building blocks of Iris’ identity through hand-drawn portraits and representative objects, and learn more about your own identity shapers through exploratory prompts.