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Rydell Visual Arts Fellows: December 20, 2013 – February 23, 2014

This winter, our main Solari Gallery features the work of the four recipients of the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship in 2012 and 2013: Ian Everard, Isabelle Jenniches, Rocky Lewycky, and Encyclopedia Pictura (Sean Hellfritsch, Daren Rabinovitch, and Isaiah Saxon).


These four artists are all trailblazers, exploring new formats and content in their artwork. This exhibition features:

  • Ian Everard’s three-dimensional reconstruction of fragments of memories collected from his childhood home in Cornwall, UK
  • Isabelle Jenniches’ dramatic large-scale photo collages, which are made from composite images from publicly-accessible webcams around the world
  • Rocky Lewycky’s new installation, Is It Necessary?, which presents clay sculptures of animals that are systematically smashed throughout the exhibition run, with a liberation of the survivors to close the show
  • Encyclopedia Pictura’s new animated film, The Tale of Hillbelly, and some of the puppets and models used to produce it

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Community Foundation Santa Cruz County to honor the Rydell Visual Arts Fellows, who are selected by a national jury and awarded $20,000 grants to pursue their art. The Fellowship is for mid-to-late career visual artists living and working in Santa Cruz County.

More on the artists:

Ian Everard is a master of reproduction in many forms, and he has repeatedly reconstructed his studio at various venues. Everard notes: “Moving the studio – or using studio furniture to represent the studio’s space – imaginary space – is more than just a framing element (though it is that). The studio, for me, is a form of transport. As such, it seems part and parcel with the subject matter.”

Isabelle Jenniches is a digital media artist whose work exploits the social and emotional impact of new forms of mediated communication like webcams and telepresence. Her current work–monumental composite images drawn from webcam stills–evolved from a fifteen-year fascination with live cameras on the Internet. Jenniches’ process emphasizes repetition and change over time: as she puts it, “Over the course of several months or even years, I capture thousands of images, and meticulously stitch them together into panoramas of great complexity and detail.”

Rocky Lewycky is a sculptor, teacher, and social activist whose work is engaged in deconstructing social barriers has the validity and strength to elicit insights into a more cohesive humanity. His projects frequently invite viewers to become participants in a communal process. As Lewycky writes: “My artwork is continuously shedding its skin, morphing through new mediums that convey ideas of time and transformation. Process is often a key entry point into my artistic expression, as demonstrated by mark-making and repetition of form.”

Encyclopedia Pictura is a collective of three artists: Sean Hellfritsch, Daren Rabinovitch, and Isaiah Saxon, who describe themselves as “a directing team working to build new communities and mythologies.” Together, these artists have produced award-winning music videos and online experiences, as well as a communal farm in Trout Gulch in the Aptos hills. As filmmakers, they exemplify the maker-spirit. By hand, they build full-scale puppets, models, miniatures and extensive make-up effects. Using clever camera tricks and sophisticated stagecraft, they then direct and capture dynamic performers as they inhabit never-before-seen worlds.

Join us for events featuring these artists:

3rd Friday PechaKucha: Lightening Talks Fri. February 21st 6:30PM.

The Liberation Project with Rocky Lewycky Sun. February 23rd 2:30PM.