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As the MAH becomes a more community-based museum, we are inviting you to collaborate, contribute, and co-create parts of our exhibitions with us. We see these participatory elements as ways to enhance the museum experience by showcasing a greater diversity of stories, objects, and activities.

Ongoing Opportunities

If you would like your artwork to be considered for exhibition at the MAH, you can submit a digital portfolio including:

  • 10-15 images
  • a CV
  • an artist’s statement
  • if available– links to a website featuring your images and materials

E-mail these materials to Please be aware that we are focusing on creating thematic exhibitions on broad themes, not solo or group artist shows. We are often planning exhibitions many years in advance. We are working on a new process for exhibition proposals and will post that information here soon.

There are often other ways to get involved in the nearer term through programs like 3rd Friday, family festivals, and other opportunities for you to share your work with the community. We hope it is ok if we get in touch with you about other ways to get involved beyond exhibitions–we want to find as many ways as possible to partner with artists in our community in a positive and exciting way.

Thank you for your interest in working with us and helping us make the museum better for everyone.

  • Paul Sable

    Hi Susan,
    I am a local artist, creating Mobiles for Hospitals and Light Sculpture for Residential and corporate spaces.
    I work with Plastics, Light, metals, wood, LEDs, Theatrical lighting, and other composite materials.
    Please take a look at my website to see if there would be an opportunity to participate in one of your exhibitions.

  • Frank Lopez-Motnyk

    Hi Susan,

    Even though I am not local, could you look at my website and see if there might be an opportunity for my work to be shown with you? Please check my website:

    Thank you

  • C. Nicholas Costa

    I would like to exhibit my paintings in oil and acrylic. The work I would like to display is a 10 painting inventory of Yosemite. I also would like to exhibit a number of abstract works. I am a Santa Cruz artist with a commercial art background. For the first six years of the Boulder Creek Art & Wine Festival I designed all the collateral material. I am also a local actor (age 70) and have been part of the Santa Cruz art community since 1989.

  • Melissa Smedley

    The Wrigley Buliding in Santa Cruz has an intriguing history and I would like to use that as a jumping off point for an art installation in your small downstairs room. The components of the installation could include:
    1 )Snippets of chewing gum history, recipes, characters/ inventors, fantasical machines, a history of “mistakes” that happened to evolve in the 1880’s into chewing gum.
    2) A wallpapered wall of large digital prints of squashed gum in parkinglot shots from everyday life. (I already have a nice collection of these and they have a nice abstract expressionist quality).
    3) A cabinet of curios type display of chewing gum sculptures. Combined with #2 pencils, household objects.
    4) Corner video desk of people (sitting at a school desk trying to blow bubbles. Different faces, colors, kinds of pops, but steady camera.
    Part history, part fanciful and sweet and stretchy like gum.
    If anyone is interested, I would love to stop in to give my “dog and pony show” about it.

  • Sıtkı Sungur

    I work with natural products like fire wood ( olive wood) and woven Liana vines. I would like to exhibit my Sculptures if you give me a chance. Thank You My E mail :

  • Kathy Cheer

    Under the last, former Octagon curator, I was granted a show of my paintings. I noticed the same artists featured recently showing the same work as previously. I have some new work (acrylics on a new canvas media…large heavy plastic sheets) I would like to exhibit. I sent an email a month ago and have yet to hear from you. For your consideration, merci.