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Patchwork, Shared Passions & Pre-historic Findings

Posted by on December 26, 2012

The Visitor Services team is excited to share our visitor encounters from the front desk. We are (in no particular order) Mary Kopp, Sarah Groh, Katie Chrivia, Kai Hanson and Diana Kapsner. You will occasionally see a visitor encounter from some museum interns as well.

December 4, 2012

The MAH recently partook in a Pop-Up Museum at La Fábrica ( Participants were asked to bring something homemade to La Fábrica for show and tell. I was fortunate enough to see my good friend Laurel Reynold’s creation called “This is A Knot Quilt” when she stopped by the museum on Tuesday.  The quilt was constructed at the Fábrica from donated pieces of fabric. Laurel  raffled her knot quilt off for the Fábrica’s Holiday fundraising sale on Wednesday the 12th at the Santa Cruz Farmers market. I was happy to see her quilt around the community at MAH, the Fábrica and the Farmer’s Market.

Mary Kopp


December 7, 2012

I was stationed at the front desk on Free First Friday, answering questions and directing guests as usual. About an hour into my duties, a little girl named Amber came up to the front desk with her parents. She was holding something brownish and slightly dirty. Amber had found this object in the dirt, next to some ivy, and thought it was a dinosaur bone. But not just any dinosaur bone—one from a dinosaur that eats vegetables and plants. Amber and her family wanted the opinion of a museum professional and I was the lucky gal for the job. I examined it very closely; it was hard and certainly shaped like a bone. After some thought, I gave Amber my seal of approval, but suggested she might talk to a paleontologist, just to be sure.  The little archeologist- in-the-making was adorable and totally made my night. Thank you, Amber, for sharing your awesome find with me!

Katie Chrivia


December 23th, 2012

Controlling the toy trains here at the MAH was Jaden’s dream come true. Jaden (pictured here) is a train enthusiast who has travelled up and down the west coast from San Diego to Vancouver chasing train shows, visiting train yards, and even controlling them. He’s controlled the MAX light rail in Portland and even the Roaring Camp Railroad here in Santa Cruz. He has spent the last 3 days in a row from open to closing to control our toy trains and counting…

Diana Kapsner



December 26, 2012

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge Star Trek fan. So, I was stoked to found out that our annual auction earlier this month was STARS: Supernova. I wore an Uhura-esque dress in science-officer-blue and told everyone I could that it was Star Trek related. I don’t meet a lot of Star Trek fans at work or even in life, so you could only imagine my surprise when one of MAH’s volunteers, Christine Garcia, came up to me and said “one of the guests painted a Star Trek ship on her dress, you have to check it out!” I wasn’t alone. We walked over to see a gorgeously detailed Starship Enterprise hand painted on her dress. Her outfit was complete with Star Trek communicator pins, necklaces and a phaser. To top it off, she gave me her card (pictured here). We talked for quite a while about our favorite series, how she made her dress, the new movies and everything else. Art and Star Trek – what else can one ask for?

Live long and prosper!

Diana Kapsner

  • Whoa… did you see Sibley’s Star Trek Spock shirt the night of Stars? He is going to love this.

    • Diana Kapsner

      Yeah, I did! My jaw literally dropped in surprise. I saw 3 star trek attire references that night. It was awesome.